This is the place for you to post your reflections for the summer reading assignments and a place for all of us to discuss what is talked about in the readings.

Let me explain this to you now.

  • Every week, you will have a reading to do.
  • Then, by that Saturday at midnight, I want a 1 to 2 page reflection (just what you think about the article) posted about that reading
  • (some readings will have less)
  • I will go through them, and make sure that you understand what the reading was about, and then you will go onto the next reading for the week.
  • I am not trying to torture you in any way shape or form.
  • These readings and this wiki will help you become a better leader in this organization, and it will help UNITY! as well!
  • Also, each page will have a link that will have the reading, so if you don't have your reading, there it is for you.

When you post something, see what else other people have posted.
Comment on what they say.

Try to make this worth while.

*All of these readings either came from the syllabus from Queer Sociology with Dr. Heather Laine Talley or from**

Bioethics and Social Justice with Dr. Christopher Hoyt.***

Love you all,